May goals update

Weekly Goals

April has not been productive, game-wise, for me. 😭 I’ve barely drawn at all, and while I advanced in the website’s templating issues, I’m not done, either.

Beb has advanced in his scenario editor. He still is tweaking stuff but he’s getting close to have something we can use. He also finished his orchestration course.

For may, his goals are:

  • Create a steady music-writing habit;
  • Finish the editor

On my end, I would need a drawing habit as well. Drawing has been a little depressing. I’ve started looking for some DIY online course to help curb that, so I can follow something to push myself to draw more. I haven’t made a SkillShare subscription yet, so I’m gonna try and maximise that free month for new users.

This week, I could take it easy at first and draw any woman instead of being infinitely frustrated with drawing men. I could write them some introductory blurbs for the landing page. It’d be fun.

I’m going to try and stream that drawing process, as it helps me focus.

Alright, let’s try and do something this week. 😅 Cheers!