Weekly goals for May 7th to May 12th

Weekly Goals

It’s time for the weekly updates. Again. The week goes by too fast.

As usual … I really need to get on track on drawing. I’ve been effectively procrastinating by working on the website. There are still some tweaks to do before putting it live… Working on a website often feels like there’s always as much to do left as there was 12 hours ago. It’s neverending.


At least I started doing a Skillshare course: Understanding and Painting the Head. It has been eye-opening for sure! I’ve only gone through the first couple chapters and I plan on repeating them because I feel like I’m not grasping the 3Dness of the head enough… Even though those sketches I’ve done while listening look 100000% non-ladylike, and even the womanly one is weird and the worst I did! I was trying to use my usual habits to make it more feminine while trying to adhere to what the course said, and it did not work out, ahaha.

I’d say it’s a clear improvement in my manly looking faces. I didn’t really practice every day though.

Meanwhile, Beb has worked on the script editor as usual, and on his card game. We definitely need a project page for that.

This week, Beb’s goals this week are:

  • Create a piano reduction for his Trial in Session song
  • Continue working on the editor on the weekends

My goals are:

  • Get some art streaming done
  • Flesh out some main characters that’ll be seen in the demo; what they like, what they do in their free time… I need a better grasp of them to make promo art;

Keeping on my goals has proven itself difficult. I’ve learned about the “5 minutes hack” this week where you start doing a thing and you tell yourself “I’m doing this only for 5 minutes.” Since starting is the hardest part of doing whatever, this helps you break the ice without a time commitment and, more often than not, you end up doing that for a longer time.

Oh well. To another week!