We skipped a week by inadvertence. I got busy with other life stuff. Woops.

Beb however carried on with his strings orchestration and is giving himself this week to finish it. I, on the other hand, basically did not carry on drawing, at all.

Drawing has been a little hard the past few weeks with my Wacom tablet. I have to settle for no pen pressure while sketching, now, because pen pressure died for the open source art software I use, Fire Alpaca and MediBang. I tried everything under the sun, but I have the choice of No Pen Pressure or Drastic Line Delay. I like when my pen draws as soon as I hit it, so… bye pen pressure.

I can’t sketch in Photoshop because I have a nasty layering habit, which makes the whole software lag unless I flatten them (both while sketching or lining). I won’t have a choice to use it to line, however, since it’s the only thing I have compatible with my tablet’s pen pressure right now.

My goals for the next week will be:

  • Sketching the main 2 court characters (Ace and Victor) poses. Victor can have clothes and a face as well, since I know his face;
  • Figure out Ace’s face and body;
  • I got a super good idea for some marketing / promo art, and I want to create the template for that as well, since it’s a montage more than a drawing and I can do that if my tablet frustrates me too much.

Beb on the other hand is on par with his monthly goals:

  • Finish his composition for the course;
  • Carry on working the script editor;

We’re also going to have a talk again on the characters so we can have intro blurbs for our landing page. They’ll go neatly with my promo art ideas, too!

Alright, let’s do this. Hope you have a nice week!

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