Hey, here we are again for weekly goals. Weeks go by way too fast.

On my end, I have continued working on proportions, but I didn’t use SenshiStock app as I said I would do; the main issue being that… those are mostly women’s forms. And I struggle with men a lot.

I didn’t stream this week, because I decided instead to try and work with actual proportions I wanted to emulate from different animes…. And I didn’t want to stream myself tracing over other people’s work, obviously. But it did help! I’ll be writing a separate article to go over my progress on Ace and how things are going on that front.

The next step is to apply what I learned consistently, tho. Which requires more practice. Hopefully, I’ll stream a bit more of that practice this week.

On Sébastien’s end, he continued working on the string arrangement course. The first part was analyzing orchestral pieces and working with audio textures. He worked on the scenario editor, and we’ll soon be able to save any changes we do in the scenarios.

He also worked on his other game, which he does when he hits a motivation stag, to keep himself in the game development mood. However, he also does this when he’s struggling with the music for Project Libra, so this didn’t advance much this past week.

For next week:

  • I’m posting a game update for Ace’s progress;
  • I keep drawing some more Ace;
  • I’m finishing the blog post part on the website that I’m still unsatisfied with, which are the posts’ headers.

And for Sébastien:

  • Have a workable version for the scenario editor where everything is tied together;
  • Advance in the string orchestration course, about to get it done;
  • Finally write some music, though for the course.

Here we go. Cheers!

Karine Frenette-G
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