Alright, this week, we did some progress!

On my end, I’ve streamed drawing all week on Ace’s progress, AND I worked on the website’s to thin it out. I did the two things!! And I also streamed some of that process, which I compiled over here. My streams aren’t that interesting, so feel free to not watch them. I once just left for 1.5 hour. Oops.

Though, this week really highlighted how stiff the men I draw are,… and the proportion is still meh. I don’t want to make my people form’s lanky but I also want them to be stylish, so I’ll need to practice some more to nail that balance.

Meanwhile, Sébastien added functions to add and remove scenario lines to his scenario editor and added something to convert the new lines into JSON. He also continued on his Explain your Logic song. Unfortunately, he isn’t done yet, but he has been working on the Udemy course for orchestration, so there’s progress!

For next week:

  • I’ll practice drawing some more bodies… I’ll be using SenshiStock sketch app. I should lay down a plan to practice a better artstyle but I don’t feel like doing that this week, which is a terrible reason to not do that;
  • And Sébastien is going to work on his music and the editor still, and I’m going to ask him to make a small article for here about the editor because it’s very cool.

Alright, let’s do this!! 🎉

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