Alright, so today we’re going over our goals for the week again, but also for the month.

First thing first, I noticed that these posts are falling into studio updates, which are technically true, but they aren’t as interesting as the specific blog articles we do (like my upcoming article on Ace, our main character). So, this must be split up.

As for development, here’s the progress of last week:

  • On my end, I had trouble with my Wacom tablet… so I mostly wrote and coded on the website. All in all I didn’t do much last week.
  • Beb has been composing for the strings orchestration course, where they make their final masterpiece. He’s currently writing a piano version, to be orchestrated later with violins and cellos and all that good stuff.
  • He also has been coding on his other game, an RPG card game of sorts. He’s done a loot table. I couldn’t explain how it works, so I’ll leave that to him for whenever he writes an article for the website.
  • The reason he switched from working on the editor was because he tried doing something, but it didn’t work out, so it was a little demotivating.

Here are the goals we have for the month:

  • For Beb, finish the scenario editor so we can use it to write our dialogue and stuff;
  • For me, finish court sprites for the main attorneys in court in the demo, and start the front poses for everyone else’s;
  • We want to have some ‘introduction blurbs’ for our characters on our landing page, too, so the page will be more attractive.

And for the week:

  • Beb’s ear has been troubling him a little, so composing is a bit tedious, however, his main goal is to finish his course;
  • In the meantime, he’s focusing on the scenario editor;
  • For me, I’m drawing, and tweaking the website, still.

Let’s all work hard this week! Cheers!

Karine Frenette-G
I love web development in all its forms. Talk WordPress to me.

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