Ok, so… we didn’t meet most of our goals from last week, but that’s ok!! We will try now to set more realistic goals.

First and foremost, I don’t have any drawing for you. ☹ I haven’t done anything much on my end that’s related to the game. Woops. I forgot it was tax season and I am currently doing it all by myself. Which is a terrible idea. Needless to say, I got heavily distracted.

Here’s what has been done:

  • Sebastien advanced on his scenario editor, now we can create new stuff in it (instead of just importing text)
  • He’s continued working on Explain your logic

For next week, he’s planning on:

  • Try to finish Explain your logic’s composition, and then start mixing it
  • He bought a String orchestration course on Udemy, so he’s gonna start it
  • Add a delete function in the scenario editor

On my end:

  • Really have some poses drawn for the court sprites, though maybe not of Ace; our prosecutor is much more defined right now, so I’ll work on him. Or either of them.
  • I’m also sorta… working on the website. I know, I shouldn’t! But I want to butcher away so much of the JavaScript that’s being used… and I have a new idea for the post headers…

The goal for me really is the art, however, my plan is that *if* I don’t want to do art (which is a problem lately) at least I have something else that’s slightly less productive I can resort to instead of procrastinating.

This isn’t the best plan, but it’s a plan.

Let’s all work hard this week! 🎉

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