Quick Services

Our philosophy is that we should always move forward and try to enhance what you already have. Restarting a new project is only necessary when the core business has changed, or if it’s done very, very poorly (like, a flash website).

We’re pretty good at grasping just about any website environment and type, so feel free to tell us about yours. I promise we won’t judge it too harshly.

  1. If your website doesn’t scale for mobile and tablets, you need it now. No matter how your website is done (except flash), we can fix that for you;
  1. Is your website slow? We can find out why quickly and for free, and if you wish to, we can fix it;
  1. Something went wrong on your website and nobody knows why? We offer a pretty fair debugging package with money-back guarantee if we can't find out why either;
  1. If you need any sort of training, we'll whip you up custom training videos or guides for most CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla);
  2. We know how to secure the data (HTTPS or the green padlock) for most websites with Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare and we could install that for you.

You wish to have one of the above done for you? Contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Website development
for a project or business

Unfortunately, as of October 2017, we aren't available for website development anymore, aside from the quick services above.

However, we are trying to work out a quick-guide (or video course) to help new businesses to have an immediate presence on the web. We'd be calling it: «Get Your Online Presence Now Without Any Code Knowledge or Developer!» (title in progress).

It would be about the immediate low-hanging fruits you need to focus on, the necessary mindset to have, and the quicksands you must avoid. It'd be everything you need to kickstart your online marketing strategy, all by yourself, and quickly!

Our goal is that new businesses don't have to hire web developpers. It may sound weird from a web developer, but, truly, this is a win-win situation:

  • you get to master your internet presence without investing into something you don't really know;
  • and web developpers can focus on bigger projects and adding value to their clients!
  • No more race to the bottom for web projects. Woo!

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