This game's story descended upon Louaseau in a dream. He told us. Karine wanted to make it a game.

This story was Louaseau's idea that came over to him through a dream.

I got so enamored with it, I decided to make it into a game. It's a bit of an ambitious one, as we're going to try to emulate some dream limitations into it, but we'll see how this turns out.

Here's some progress bars

They aren't very clear on the content of our game but they're a nice visual. They may be late to update, but we'll try.

Coding/ Testing
Music & Sound effects
Art & Characters
The Actual Story

As you can see, it isn't that much developed yet, as there hasn't been one line of code to bring it to life.


As I, Karine, get some time off to code and test Unity (yes, as February 2018, I haven't coded for Unity that much yet), this is what I'll first test onto.

flaredust studio