A visual novel video game where you play a novice lawyer and solve murder mysteries. Inspired by Ace Attorney.

Project Libra is heavily inspired by the Ace Attorney series.

It's a visual novel where you play a novice lawyer who solves murder mysteries with the Power of the Law. Obviously, your clients are being framed for murder, and the only way out is to find the real culprit!

Explore five different cases riddled with mystery. Show up in court and challenge the claims the prosecution makes the best way you know… by shouting OBJECTION!

Project Libra is currently in early development, hence its codename we gave to this project. We don't have final names for our main cast yet, so we couldn't come up with an official name yet.

Here are some the reasons you may want to try out our game:

  • You want more games where you can play as an attorney.
  • Being an actual lawyer is boring; it’s all paperwork and stuff!
  • You care about meaningful character relationships and development. (No shipping wars please)
  • You love visual novels (Duh.)
  • Without you, innocent people will be found guilty and be served the death penalty.
    Actually, it's a max 25-years sentence. There’s no death penalty in this game.
  • You’re Capcom and you’re eager to see if anything was stolen from your games. We have a very good team of attorneys ready just in case.
  • Why go to law school when you will learn more playing this game? (Disclaimer: you won’t)
  • A demo will be available (soon™) with the first case playable, for free!


Get the demo already!


Here's some progress bars

They aren't very clear on the content of our game but they're a nice visual. They may be late to update, but we'll try.

Coding/ Testing
Music & Sound effects
Art & Characters
The Actual Story

Musical Preview

Latest news or blog updates

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