Weekly goals for May 20th to May 26th

Weekly Goals

This week I made the mistake of working on a artwork commission :’) Fifteen sketches and several text and phone conversations later, the entire week went by and I’ve barely done anything else.

So Many Lucinas.

PS: I’ve used some of SenshiStock pose references for some of these, and the counter pose was from a screenshot in-game in Super Smash Ultimate.

Oh well. At least I’ve drawn a lot more than I usually do in a week!

Other than that, I’ve started using Clip Paint Studio’s 3D poses, so it can help me with the promotional art I wanna do for the game. We also both figured out blurbs to put on the landing page.

Here are the poses I did… My goal this week is to flesh out some art out of them:

Meanwhile, Beb worked on:

  • Some code for passive and active abilities in his card game (think like Pokémon);
  • And he’s been progressing slowly on the Trial in Session song.

He didn’t touch the scenario editor because there’s an issue/bug he still needs to work out.

Next week, he’ll work mostly on his song and writing the demo’s scenario (mostly regarding character development).

Let’s do this!