• Been playing guitar for 10 years
  • Finds it easy to learn new things
  • (Especially when passionate)
  • A bit of an introvert

Greetings. I’m Sébastien. A pleasure to meet you!

I started doing web-related stuff at the age of 12. Through experimentation, I quickly learned how to build personal websites for myself. Today, I hold a technical degree in web development and multimedia.

I’m not currently working in the web industry, but I like to keep myself updated on web standards, so I can complain about its shortcomings.

Projects and video games

Right now, I’m mainly focusing on my own projects. I want to create video games that I can be proud of and that people can enjoy.

My knowledge in game design comes from when I discovered several ROM hacking communities. I became fascinated with modifying my favorite video games. I spent hours figuring out their inner working, hence my current love for game design. I’ve come to appreciate the work of other designers even more by analyzing in great detail the complexity of their work.

The musician in me

I've been playing guitar for years. Somehow, during all this time, I never really wrote a single piece of music. Sitting down and writing a whole song wasn’t something I wanted to do. I just played guitar for fun. I feel better when I’m not stuck in a given structure. This also makes my music a little chaotic.

Since mid-2016, I've decided to be serious and start composing, using Fruity Loop. Making video games gave me a reason to start writing and get better at composing music for my projects. I was surprised by my first few attempts at writing songs.

(I intend to share old versions of my songs later on and show how they changed through development.)

After months of reading music theory and countless tutorials, my skills as a songwriter improved greatly. I’m shocked at how fast I progressed.

It wouldn't have been possible without the help of these people on YouTube. Their knowledge is very valuable and, if you struggle to write music like me, they could definitely help you too :

  • Alex Moukala – Talks mainly about orchestral music. Cool video game covers.
  • Rick Beato – Everything music.And when I say “everything”, it is literally everything you can think of. It’s his tagline after all. Lifetime musician, producer and more. Great for music theory, although he can be difficult to follow if you’re just starting up.
  • Busy Works Beats .TV – Channel with many tutorials in various music genre. Mainly Pop Music.
  • In the Mix – Mixing tips and more.

Some quick examples of music I composed

As of February 2018, most of what is below was composed for our Project Libra game,  so it may all have the Ace Attorney game feel. But I feel it's important to share anyway, even my less good stuff from when I started, just to show how much I've grown in the process.