Our core members

Flaredust Studio Partnership is basically just two people, Sebastien and I, doing things.

All in all, we're two individuals trying to focus our strengths on projects. We have wildly different personalities, online presence and we even hold some personal projects in addition to all of this, so if you're interested in knowing more about us, individually, you may visit our standalone dev pages below:

Our Collaborators

We're working on our projects pretty much just the two of us, but we also know we can't do it all. We often collaborate with other cool people to make things happen.

The people below are some of those we love to work with!

Louaseau (Lou Frenette-G)
Artist, Writer & Illustrator
Of course, we share the same last name, obviously I'm biased – but Lou is much more than just my sibling. We have this intrinsic inspirational connexion where I could almost swear he reads my mind. Whatever I explain, whether for myself or for a client, he knows how to picture it and bring it to life.

Not only that, but he has a quite developed process of creating ideas. He's a master at helping people go over their creative blocks.
Joé Charbonneau-Laurin
Idealizer & Muse
Joé is my Muse. Whenever I'm stuck with anything, I know I can pitch it to Joé and he'll say something uncanny enough to fix everything.

His energy is so strong, just interacting with Joé lifts spirits. If he could sell his excess confidence, he would! Plus, talking to him always ends up in a brainstorm. Everything you do with Joé is a blessing.
Frédérique Champagne
Tabletop Game Designer
Frédérique is an excellent project manager and used to be a web developer as well, but she recently recycled herself into creating tabletop games, because life is meant to have fun and managing is ehhhh (I feel you).

Working with her always bring my spirit up, because her approach is so different from mine, I always learn something new but yet so simple. I'm grateful to call her my friend today.
Félix Robitaille
Web developer & Entrepreneur
I met Félix through chance and when I wasn't in a very good spot, personally. Quickly enough, I found myself mentoring Felix in web development, but as well as in managing his own sanity in the whole web-corporate world. He's still surviving, so I guess I did well!

Jokes aside, Félix takes projects with clients very seriously and puts his heart into it. He loves web development almost as much as me. Odds are, you'll work with him if you come to me for a website project. That's how much I trust him.